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Topics for Business Owners and Sales Leadership

Business Development Without The Pressure: Winning Tactics to Triple Your Profits

In this session, you’ll learn the proper systems and behaviors to identify, qualify, and develop new business opportunities. You’ll develop a stress-free strategy for new business development that can be immediately implemented for any profession.

If you're like most people, you may be:

  • Stressed out over finding new business
  • Concerned about clients cancelling appointments
  • Worried about flat sales or shrinking market share

Participants will learn:

  • Effective prospecting tactics: 7 areas to a wider pipeline
  • How to engage in a natural and meaningful way
  • A structure for a no-pressure call that sets more appointments
  • How to ensure that prospecting behavior will bring more results

Turning Client Support Into Profit: Generating Revenue From Stellar Client Care

This session is for business owners, presidents, management executives facing business obstacles when it comes to customer support, client retention and recurring revenue.

Participants will learn:

  • The essential elements of client retention
  • Methods to develop a team that can track and retain clients
  • Growing revenue with cross-selling and up-selling
  • KPI's and compensation for growth

Past Speaking Engagements

Topics For Service Professionals

Driving Decision Making

Business innovation requires decision making and change within our clients and prospects. They’ll often try to stall with a “think it over” approach. In this meeting we’ll explore the reasons people make decisions and why they don’t. Members and guests will benefit from sharing what they’ve used to create decisions and what has backfired in the past. We’ll learn strategies and tactics we can employ to move people along and create a sense of urgency through action.

Referral Strategy – Or How to know if you’ll ever get one

Have you ever been let down when someone promised you a referral and never delivered? Are you feeling frustrated because your troikas aren’t producing any business? Do you know where your referrals might come from? We will take a look at common reasons people give referrals and how to identify your ideal referral partner. You’ll come away with some questioning strategies and tactical ideas on how to find partners that will refer business your way.

Topics For CEO's

Hiring The Right Team For The Job

In this session we’ll look at the different kinds of salespeople that are needed for phases of company development, products/services, sales cycles and markets. This will cover qualifying candidates and identifying gems within the company that are ready to move into a higher role.

  • Willing vs Able
  • Need Creation vs Demand Fulfillment
  • Evangelists vs Producers


Sales Essentials to Close More Business and Scale

We’ll take a look at 4 vital areas needed to grow revenue and scale.

We begin with why people buy and ensuring brand messaging.
Next we move onto sales process and metrics.

We complete the session looking at customer success and what is needed to transform existing client care into a revenue generating department.

The Sales Pipeline – Creating real numbers and clear next steps

We’ll explore what’s needed to measure sales success and how thinning the inflated pipeline can add tremendous value. Each participant will look at their own sales process in comparison to the prospect and ask themselves, what exactly are the clear next steps and how do those fit into their current KPI’s? A natural discussion will evolve as we talk about changing salespeople’s behaviors and how to achieve predictable results.

Channel Sales Trainings

Managing The Channel Without Power

Channel sales requires getting the best out of partners’ salespeople without direct hiring, firing or compensation control. This training will focus on three main areas of improvement.

  • Battle for Mindshare
  • Displacing the Incumbent
  • Team Storm – Handling Roadblocks

Competing constantly for partner mindshare can be expensive, overwhelming and a never- ending battle. We’ll look at counter-intuitive ways to use Sandler sales strategy that work when trying to stay front of mind in partner proposals and conversations.

Helping your partners displace an incumbent vendor involves not only the prospect, but also the partner’s level of knowledge and expertise. We’ll look at how to setup the conversation, and use a Competitor Impact Tool that provides talking points and direction.

Moving the client engagement along can be a challenge and often encounters roadblocks along the way. We will simulate a Team Storm exercise that your salespeople can run with partners to discover roadblocks and how they can work through them with the partners’ team embracing the action plan.


Channel Partner Performance – Issues and Solutions

Channel partner performance is affected by the partners themselves and also by the salesperson getting in their own way. We’ll look at three of the common issues of performance gaps.

  • KPI’s and Goals – Are the SMART and Understood?
  • Pursuit Navigator Tool
  • Handling Conflict and Border Wars

We’ll review the purpose of KPI’s and Goals discussing transparency and making sure they’re understood on the partner side. Introducing a SMART acronym to defining KPI’s with partners may open up the relationship and ensure that both companies have an equal investment in success.

Sometimes partners need help learning how to qualify pursuits to keep themselves from getting pulled through the mud. We’ll introduce a navigator tool that the Moldex team can use and give to partners for figuring out the right opportunities.

A solid channel presence should expect some conflict. We’ll review the most common areas of channel conflict including ownership, geography, products, rights, markets, compensation and commitment. Protecting channel goodwill is paramount and we’ll focus on learning how to strengthen the goodwill and commitment of your partners.