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Sandler Training | El Segundo, CA

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Advisors, Attorneys and Healthcare

Business development without making you sound or feel like a salesperson

Financial Advisors

New Advisor Launch Accelerator

Is your firm growing? Are your advisors up selling every client?

Sandler's advisor program helps new hires and senior veterans bring in new business. Not only more clients, but the right ones for your firm.

We partner with your management to give advisors skill building around prospecting, business planning, qualifying clients and ensuring that referrals will bring in exponential growth.

Designed for financial advisors, insurance brokers and retirement or estate planning professionals. 


Have you ever...

  • Felt overwhelmed with finding new business
  • Found out a referral source gave business to someone else
  • Been responsible for a client refusing to pay
  • Overlooked sales because you were too busy billing hours

Sandler will give you a proven system that empowers you to bring in more business and alleviate these regular client challenges. Yes they can be avoided. Let us show you how.

Today's Patient Expects MORE

Patient Care the Sandler Way

Are you losing patients?
Is your team reluctant to change their ways?
Do they understand the importance of patient retention?

Today's patients are expecting a level of service that many healthcare professionals either don't understand or simply don't know how to provide.

Our patient care training program works on conceptual, behavioral and tactical issues setting your practice up for longstanding growth.

Designed for any front-line patient care professional.

A sales book especially for professional service providers

Authors and Sandler trainers Chuck and Evan Polin discuss their latest book, Selling Professional Services The Sandler Way, and how Sandler's principles can have a major impact on practice development.


Nobody ever told me that I’d have to sell...

When you started at your firm or practice, were you not aware that you would be responsible for sales or business development? Do you have no idea where to start?


Sandler training, developed specifically for professional service providers, will enable you to integrate the very same creative, organizational, analytical, and communication skills required in your profession into an effective framework of activity to identify and qualify business opportunities. And, you’ll discover how to comfortably, competently, and consistently obtain new clients without having to resort to stereotypical “selling” tactics. 

When it comes to business development—unlike your corporate counterparts—there are different factors that can make non-selling professionals successful in securing new clients.