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BOOST Sales Management

Our sales management program

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BOOST Sales Management

Join sales leaders once a month for Sandler Sales Management.
Master the material in this proven program which includes:

• Recruiting, hiring and retaining the best candidates
• Understanding and communicating with your salespeople
• Leadership in supervising, training, coaching and mentoring
• Conducting effective performance evaluations
• Setting and making goals
• Time management and delegation

Your ability to find and hire the best salespeople, then accurately evaluate their performances and motivate them, affects your team’s ability to succeed. Avoid expensive hiring mistakes by learning to ask the right questions the right way, while coaching and debriefing strategies will motivate your team to become self-directed closers.

Sandler Management Solutions is not a quick-fix seminar to program you with superficial gimmicks and buzzwords. Our years of sales training success taught us a long time ago that real, significant growth or change can’t occur in a one-day seminar.

Sandler Management Solutions is an ongoing development program, grounded in proven theories, hard skills, and workable strategies. It emphasizes active skills training exercises, following up with applications to specific work environments.


Sandler Training Philosophy Becomes Part Of Harvard Curriculum

September 20, 2018 – by Sandler Training

David Mattson, CEO of Sandler Training, has worked closely with Frank V. Cespedes, faculty chair for the Aligning Strategy and Sales executive program at Harvard Business School (HBS) as well as Mark Roberge, Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at HBS, to incorporate Sandler sales training techniques into the school's curriculum. Cespedes and Roberge teach an MBA course on "Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing" (ESM), which examines customer acquisition and retention in ventures from seed stage to scaling. A case study incorporating Sandler techniques is now part of that course.

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Part of your responsibility as a sales manager is to help your sales team become more effective salespeople.

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sustainable success in sales = accountability

Create a Culture of Accountability for Your Team

Accountability The Sandler Way, written by author and Sandler trainer Hamish Knox, shares how sales managers can create an accountability-driven work culture for their teams and themselves… by investing just 20 minutes a week in Sandler sales and management principles.

Accountability can be a way of life for your sales team, creating clarity for yourself and your team around goals (yours and theirs), the path to achieve those goals (yours and theirs) and the consequences triggered by failing to stick to the path. And it's easier than you think to accomplish.