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Assessments for Hiring and Growth

Extended DISC

Communication with Everyone and Closing More Sales

Have you believed a prospect liked you when they didn't?
Was there ever a time you were confused why a client left?
Have you pitched a prospect on features they didn't ask for?

Mixed messages can happen in the sales process and one small move can be the difference between closing the deal, or not.

Extended DISC is a communication tool that helps salespeople win more business through understanding communication and presentation preferences. This will help you to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate others to create successful relationships with coworkers, customers, prospects, colleagues, managers, friends and family members.

Through Extended DISC participants will:

  • Understanding how people are different
  • Developing confident self-awareness
  • Learning to identify the styles of others
  • Modify behavior based on the other person’s style

A behavior modification with DISC enables salespeople to bond and change their presentation to match the prospects expectations, communication style and visual preferences.

BOOST includes a personalized Extended DISC analysis and workbook.

Inquire about a DISC workshop for your business, or attending one of ours!

Growth and Retention

We use The Devine Group for employee growth and business planning such as:

  • Succession Planning
  • Promotion Planning
  • Employee Retention and Growth
  • Identify Diverse Leadership Talent
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Management Needs Assessment
  • Reduce Hourly Turnover

Easy-to-use tool

Sales Competence Assessment

Easily identify and develop sales talent.

Many sales managers are unhappy with the performance of their sales team. Many sales professionals are frustrated because they are unclear about how to become more successful.

The Sales Competence Assessment provides practical and clear information to create a road map to success by assessing salespersons:

  • Sales Excuse Index
  • Sales Competence
  • Sales Mindsets

Sales Competencies
The Sales Competence Assessment measures salespersons’ competences in 18 critical areas for selling success using easy to understand 0-100 scales.

Sales Mindsets
The assessments also measures salespersons’ Sales Mindsets to identify specific roadblocks, such as self-defeating beliefs, to success in sales and to help to create a very specific development plan.

Sales Competence Assessment

What's Their Excuse?

The lower the Excuse Index percentage is, the more likely the person is to ignore non-sales activities and instead focus on actions that directly produce sales results. While the average Sales Excuse Index is 35%, the successful sales professionals have much lower scores.