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Sandler Training | El Segundo, CA

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Get a predictable sales pipeline

Experience Counts

When it comes to sales consulting and training, experience counts. Specifically, there’s just no substitute for first-hand business experience.

Why do so many sales organizations feel that choosing BOOST was one of the best decisions they’ve made? Because all sales consultants and trainers are not created equal. What sets Carrie Lauby apart is that she…

  • Has founded, run and grown multiple businesses
  • Is an expert at managing and connecting with people
  • Understands the sales process inside and out
  • Adjusts her trainings based on the age of the participants
  • Customizes the process for the each individual
  • Knows the unique language and culture of multiple industries
  • Produces meaningful, measurable results and ROI

BOOST Sales in with Sandler Foundations

At BOOST, we believe in results. In order to make that happen, we invest in our clients for 10 weeks. Typically by week 3-4 they've already closed a deal as a result of what the've learned.

Sandler Foundations is a 10 week professional selling course that is designed for individuals and companies.

Learn how to create an effective prospecting plan, stop selling on price, qualify opportunities, avoid unpaid consulting and keep control of the sale.

Attendees receive weekly classes, coaching, customized content for your role/company, a DISC profile plus the Sandler Online learning platform. Class is virtual and in-person at Playa District/Howard Hughes.

Have you ever gone into auto-pilot and just winged-it?

Sandler SalesMastery takes professional selling from "knowing" to "owning".

SalesMastery focuses on being able to consistently:

  • Qualify buyers and identify their real needs

  • Disengage from situations that will waste time

  • Structure sales encounters for optimal effectiveness
  • Set and achieve ambitious sales goals
  • Sharpen prospecting and lead acquisition skills 

The SalesMastery is an ongoing development program grounded in proven communication and psychological theories, powerful strategies, and masterful techniques that you will use on every call, with every buyer, for the rest of your life!

Finding and Closing Enough Profitable Deals

Most salespeople struggle to meet enough prospects, close enough of the people they meet, or close enough deals on their terms.


Wasting Time Chasing Prospects Who Will Never Buy

Trying to sell prospects who don’t need your solution, don’t have the money, or can’t decide will lead to burnout and frustration.


Giving Away Margins with Discounts and Free Consulting

Prospects love to use your expertise, wait for end of the quarter deals, or get a free quote to shop the competition, but that doesn’t help you hit your numbers.


Learn how to work smarter, sell more, and sell more easily.

The best way to increase sales.

You could work harder to call on more prospects. You could sell harder to close more prospects.

Or, you could learn from Sandler

Talk to the Best Prospects

The Sandler Selling System is designed to help you identify your ideal clients, weed out who will not buy, and start more interesting sales conversations.

Hold the Best Conversations Possible

We also show you how to take control of a mutually beneficial discovery process, designed to uncover the prospect’s motivation, budget, and decision-making process.

Close the Sale or Close the File

Once you’ve had that conversation, we’ll show you how to qualify the opportunity, present your solution, and get more decisions to avoid wasting your time chasing people who never buy.

Find out if Sandler is for you

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Inside Sales Teams

BOOST has extensive experience building and working with inside sales teams.

Our program focuses on the behaviors, attitudes and techniques that will convert sales and gather essential product and market information to push the company ahead.

The inside sales team is the lifeblood of the company's success and we give them communication and process to be just that.

Customer Care for Growth

Today's customer service is responsible for client retention, cross-selling growth and referrals.

We work with customer service teams to boost confidence and communication skills.

Then we take the conversation to a higher level around retention, questioning to find out what your competition is doing, and asking for the referral. Get higher retention rates and engage BOOST today.